Hunting kennel at the Kolon lake

My name is Attila Juhász, I live in the county of Bács-Kiskun, in Izsák, at the Kolon lake. I had got my first Jack Russell terrier (Majki) in 2005. Its courage and persistence, its several results in terrier work und its passionate hunting personality have made me establish such a Jack Russel kennel where the terrier work, which means hunt, is the main issue. „What works well, is well.” said the old. A very proper statement today as well! In this spirit and accoring to the requirements of the modern trends, I have undertaken to breed terriers. When I look back, I think this idea semms to be proved by the work of much persistance. Our own-bred covering male dogs have taken the terrier exam, hunt actively, have received a champion qualification, and they render their excellent qualities to their offsprings.
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